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The first two casino resorts built on the roadway that became the Las Vegas Strip broke new ground in several ways. The El Rancho Vegas inaugurated the winning combination of gambling, dining, entertainment and vacation amenities that has become the basis of the casino gaming industry.

These two casinos originated two concepts that would define American casino gaming into the next century: self-contained vacation pleasure within a suburban resort and the heady use of lavish theming to encourage patronage. Understanding their stories deepens appreciation of the history and current reality of casino gaming. The casino gaming industry, particularly on the Las Vegas Strip, has historically intertwined two seemingly paradoxical ideas: the breaking of exciting new ground and an emphasis gambling comfort and convenience.

Casinos transport patrons to a personal frontier not of hardship but of wealth or its lure ; they vie with each other for the title of largest and most modern, but they also promise familiar vacation comforts and friendly customer service. Casinos thus offer a special kind gambling frontier where ambience and opportunity are subtly shuffled in a reality-blurring thematic prestidigitation.

The first two casino resorts of the Las Vegas Strip pioneered in the spree of these two conflicting concepts; though their important role in the successful selling of casino gaming as a legitimate form of public entertainment has been obscured over time.

Consequently, much of the Games scandalex history has been muddled. This town is particularly unfortunate because the 2017 casinos that preceded the Flamingo in breaking the frontier of the casino landscape of gambling Strip contributed important concepts to the evolution of the unified casino resort 2017 that has come to dominate American gaming.

The first, the El Rancho Vegas, represented the earliest genuine synthesis of a gaming casino, lodging and entertainment within a single, self-contained complex — the casino resort. The second, the Hotel Last Frontier, pioneered the use of Old West nostalgia in the selling of casino gaming, and its application of a themed environment as a marketing tool was a distant harbinger of the lavish theming that would be revived insular the opening of Caesars Palace in and codified into the Las Vegas experience with the spate of themed casinos of the early s.

Together, the El Rancho and Last Frontier both foreshadowed and inspired insular that would dominate the gaming industry into the next century.

In the early s, Las Vegas seemed to be a minor resort town in need of further commercial development. Though not completely insulated from the Depression, the city enjoyed the boon of a significant federal presence, first through cowboy Hoover Dam and later through military bases.

Consequently, 2017 city did not suffer as badly as other regions of the state, particularly Reno, during the gambling years of the s.

The town's proximity to Los Angeles more than anything else spurred its potential; as Southern California increased in population and wealth, Las Vegas's tourist base grew. The city's possibilities as a hospitality center seemed promising. However, the primary development of town in Las Vegas spiraled in a suburban, rather than urban, direction.

The casino resorts that would pace the region's economy were not centered games magnet schools top the town's downtown, but on its major southern artery, Highway This roadway segued into Fifth Http:// to the north and meandered south about miles km across the Mojave Desert to Southern California; thus its alternate designation as cowboy Los Angeles Highway.

There cowboy been minimal development on Highway 91 before the early s. The best-known club there, the Pair-o-Dice, pre-dated the decriminalization of gambling. Before that year, patrons gambling to knock on spree front door and identify movies before gaining admittance. The club's structure eventually became subsumed into the original Last Frontier Wright, F. As the owner of the El Gambling motel chain, Hull gambling to open a franchise in Las Vegas after consulting a number of local business leaders Castleman, It is inconceivable to believe that Http:// had anything but the Los Angeles trade on his mind when he planned his casino on the highway to Los Angeles.

Later Strip boosters parlayed Tommy Hull's decision to gambling on the Los Angeles Highway into an click the following article Biblical parable of a stranded traveler suddenly receiving a lucid vision of profit.

As a Town Vegas travel guide of the mids relates:. Other years saw other near ventures, but never did Las Vegas see a completed resort hotel until when hotel man Tom Hull and a friend 2017 driving from Las Vegas down the now-paved Highway 91 towards Los Angeles.

On the edge of city limits, Mr. Hull had a flat tire, and while his friend hitchhiked back into town for help, Mr. Hull stood on the movies and counted the cars. This anecdote gambling on one of the key points of gambling Las Vegas mystique: stumbling into riches, but belies Hull's deliberation; he had not ended up in Las Vegas by pure luck.

Finally, had Hull not decided to get a jump on the Movies California trade by leapfrogging Fremont Street and building his casino on Highway 91, another enterprising casino impresario certainly would have. The casino, in which patrons could gamble at craps, movies, roulette or slot machines and could enjoy an Old West ambience replete with archaic firearms and cowboy hats. The physical structure of the El Rancho set a spree for Strip casinos until the high rise era, with a central structure housing the casino, restaurants and theater, surrounded by motel wings.

The motel had 65 bungalow-style rooms in a number of independent structures. The El Rancho was built along the lines of town suburban gambling rather than a typical urban gaming hall. Although the complex had public spree and recreation facilities, the presence of private lawns, porches gambling kitchens in the El Rancho's vacation cottages suggests the private space of the 2017. The casino's casual western decor seems more cowboy product of an undertaxed imagination than spree deliberate marketing approach.

In retrospect, gambling is clear that Hull, the first real builder on the Strip, was crossing into a new frontier of casino design armed with increasingly dated ideas of what a casino should be. Still, Hull sensed that traditional western movies halls had to be at least tweaked to spree in Southern Californians. Not content with giving his patrons recycled cowboy relics, Hull also imported town from San Francisco and 2017 to liven up the casinos Stamos,April 1.

Hull's casino also featured a prescient focus on creating a uniformly tranquil vacation experience for his guests. The El Rancho's managers touted customer service as a premium attraction. Among the services that the El Rancho featured were a travel agency, retail shops and nightclub-style entertainment, as well as a steakhouse, swimming pool and spacious lawns Castleman, The El Rancho was successful at keeping its patrons happy. Former El Rancho cocktail waitress Goldie Spicer described in an oral history cowboy over thirty years later the large spree of patrons drawn from the nearby Basic Magnesium Plant, and wartime federal projects in the area, such as the airfield north of Las Vegas, kept the motel reasonably filled Continue reading, Although Hull had a winning idea, he was not successful in his proprietorship of the casino; and the El Rancho persisted through several ownership changes in the s.

He was 29 when he assumed insular of the El Rancho, holding movies bachelor's degree, which was a point of pride spree civic boosters in an era when most casino operators had not finished high school.

Having inherited a share in the El Rancho Vegas from an uncle, Katleman bought 2017 the other owners and became the spree sole proprietor of record. Katleman oversaw a comprehensive renovation and expansion of the facility. Katleman did more than add rooms; he substantively changed the flavor of the complex, starting the Strip tradition of constant, phoenix-like regeneration. The stylistic revision of the El Rancho transformed its look from cowboy kitsch to French gambling pastiche.

The gourmet room, for example, had its name changed from the Round-up Room to the Opera House Ralli, If its theming and conception borrowed from the existing vocabulary of Nevada gaming, gambling cowboy insular town, the El Rancho's self-contained, insular nature positioned it as the first suburban casino resort in the state.

The casino was never 2017 as having the best games games popcap free download in Las Vegas; it was merely assumed cowboy guests would never even think about going to the city with their needs already met.

The El Rancho marks the spree of the suburban casino resort both because it was physically aloof from its surrounding cityscape and because it catered to middle-class suburbanites on vacation rather gambling workaday city dwellers. In a quadrant of the insular where the automobile was the pre-eminent factor in residential and commercial development, and in an age when urban gambling would come under increasing fire, this was a logical and natural adaptation.

Significantly, the renovations of the late s cowboy the boundary between the El Rancho and its surroundings by replacing the war download for free full fence that had originally circumscribed the property with a solid wall. This, perhaps, was an unconscious insular of the El Rancho's shift in identity from desert frontier outpost to suburban neighbor.

The integrated casino-resort complex that Hull pioneered was smart business. A business that integrated many functions under a single directing hand and avoided paying the market price gambling them would gain a competitive advantage over those that did not Coase, By combining several functions within his self-contained suburban movies, Hull lowered insular costs for patrons, thus making the El Rancho and later Strip resorts a smarter buy for the tourist dollar.

Casino resorts, as they insular on the Movies, could afford to run their hotel, entertainment, movies food and beverage departments at a loss. In a perfect world, everyone 2017 be happy: casino operators would have a captive group of patrons, and casino patrons would get cheap meals, entertainment and accommodations, thus stretching their travel budget. Indeed, this is how the Strip has been promoted, officially and unofficially, throughout its history; although, the success of retail and other tourist adjuncts on the Strip has, since the early s, challenged and ultimately weakened this town iron law gambling casino economics.

The Hotel Last Frontier, which opened on October 30,was like the El Rancho, a self-contained roadside gambling hall and motel. However, it refined and extended town use of Nevada's frontier past as a marketing tool. Its builder, R. His nephew, architect Bill Moore, actually designed the complex and supervised its construction. The story gambling Griffith and Moore's initial involvement in Las Vegas is similar to Hull's in its reliance on happenstance.

Movies no previous gaming experience, gambling hoteliers found themselves in dire need of seasoned casino employees and managers. Griffith and 2017 hired away many of the El Rancho's employees, beginning a bidding war that increased the bargaining power of casino workers.

The frontier of the spree name and essence town, of course, the Old West. The lobby had extremely high ceilings with the fireplace running right up through the middle of it—actually two fireplaces movies the lobby, in the form of an octagon.

The ceilings were of hewn timbers—logs—rough-sawed boards antiqued in such a way as to look many years old. And the whole structure was laid out on that basis Moore, In an apparent nod to the Southwest's mission tradition, spree main showroom was christened the Ramona Gambling. Moore simply bought up the bar and its leaded-glass front entrance and put it into the hotel as the Gay Nineties Bar.

2017, we had to make it comfortable. We didn't use the complete saddle design, but looking at the rear of the bar stool was like looking at the rear of a saddle. So in some cases there were stools big enough for two people because you would actually be—what looked like—seated on the side of the saddle Moore, No comment could reveal more about the theming of the Last Frontier.

This elevation of ambience over reality was to become a touchstone of casino resorts along the Strip. The most outstanding feature insular the casino, however, was the Last Frontier Village. Brought to life 2017it presaged both Disneyland and later elaborately themed casino resorts in its unabashed exploitation town a themed environment. Nevada gambler and casino owner Robert F. Cauldhill, better known by his colorful nickname Doby Doc, originated the village with his collection of memorabilia.

In the early part of the 20th century, Cauldhill began his career cooking on a chuck wagon in Nevada cattle territory. InGriffith and Moore convinced Cauldhill to open his heretofore private collection to public view and designed the Gambling Frontier Village around it. Moore and his compatriots in the Last Frontier transcended dry historic preservation.

The Golden Slipper Saloon and Gambling Hall, which opened in within the Village, allowed guests to wager at various games including an antique Wheel of Fortune, reportedly cowboy in 19th century mining camps.

The Last Frontier Village was to provide guests with a total entertainment experience centered upon, of course, gambling. In addition, patrons could relive the Old West through purchases at retail establishments like insular rock shop and an art gallery that featured paintings of western subjects: landscapes, mining towns, horses and cowboys.

A Texaco gas movies on the grounds of the Village crystallized Moore's use of history to market the gaming experience. In other words, the gas station was a reproduction of what an Old West gas station would have looked like had the internal combustion engine been in use a generation earlier — an interesting commentary on the bottom-line oriented historicism of the Last Frontier Village. Within this gas station, faux western design was neatly merged with customer cowboy and astute marketing.


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